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Find a Slut – It’s easier than you think!

Sometimes the best way to find a slut is just to go to the bar, get drunk and see what happens. This is the method I have used for years. The only problem is that my thinking after 11pm seems to get worse and worse. I began to wonder if there was a better way to find a slut without actually getting drunk and ending up with some weird woman in my bed. Maybe there was a way to meet someone just looking to hookup like me that was a little more calculated. Of all the times I went to the bars and came back with someone, there were 10 other times that I came back with no one.

I was looking around and everyone promised to help me hookup, €œget laid€, or have a €œcasual encounter. The truth is that most of them just didn’t produce what I was hoping for. Some of them were entertaining, some were just scams, and some just didn’t have enough girls around me to help.

I decided to try something a little different. Instead of going to these trashy bars, I began going to bars that were a little more upscale. I was dressing just a little nicer and going alone to these bars sober at 11pm or so. This way I could find a slut within those I’m interested in, and then have some shots and talk to her. This is better for screening and I’m also not getting so lit that I have no idea what’s going on.

The trick here is to find a slut or two and then go to the bar and have a few cocktails. Don’t let her see you until you are actually ready to talk or hook up. This allows you slip in and out of her sight. With the bars I used to go to, you could always see everyone there the whole time. These other bars give the impression that you’€™re always seeing new people. I think that works for me. The one other thing that I think is important is the need to get her a martini. Get her one, maybe two beers right away but hers are up to her after that. If she sees you as just someone to get her cocktails, she will use you for that. Although you don’t get her anything then she might think you are suspicious. After you have some comfort, just be yourself and let the night take you. Don’€™t try to force anything, just have a good time.

“Yeah this works too, but I think it’s just as easy to go into a dive bar later and meet girls. I don’t think you have to go to a swankier bar to find a slut.” – Gary B.

“I’m always getting way too drunk, so this helps.” – Steven S.

“Don’t go to the bars looking for a slut. Just go to the bars looking and sex will seek you. Most of the time a great time€ has a bra. Just relax friend and enjoy your time. Things will work out.” -Raj

“I a€™m not a top guy to give suggestions and give advice on the topic. I thought though, that I would make a comment about dating on Facebook and how it can help. There are a few new sexual medias out there, but if you’re looking for someone to fuck then it’s the answer. Twitter is great, but stands on it’s own for social sexuality stuff. People joke but the fact is that an average dude has his choice of whores he doesn’€™t have to wait for any more. Just make sure to read the privacy policy before you do anything stupid. No promiscuous surprises on someone’€™s profile and no naked pics ever.” -Anonymous User

“Shes going to hate when you draw attention to her figure, but share you reason for trying to court her. For a girl a couple years removed from her virginity, she still cares what her parents thing even if she pretends she doesn’t. I kinda laugh when I’m fucking a girl with no sluttiness in her attitude. I’m tired of vulgar women anyways.” -Jake